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We help organisations deliver rapid value creation from the inside out.


We're Ignition Strategy and we have a different approach.

In our experience, every organisation is like a puzzle and every piece of the puzzle has the potential to create value. These range from knowledge, experience and capabilities of its people, strategic partnerships with suppliers and agencies to proprietary technologies, brands and so much more. All of these are available to every organisation to create value.

However, like a puzzle, sometimes pieces are hidden away from sight, lost or cannot be readily located. 

At Ignition, we recognise that the pieces of the puzzle are more accessible than you realise. We help identify the right pieces and put them together to create rapid value.


How We Use Your Puzzle to Ignite Value

We identify the right pieces of the puzzle already accessible to you and help you put them together to create rapid value.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of the puzzle that every organisation has access to, just waiting to be ignited.

Why We Are Different

We want to leave a legacy of strengthening your capabilities through connecting, unlocking, facilitating and embedding untapped value.

Traditional Approach

TELL you what to do


Showcase THEIR experience


DESIGN solutions




THEY learn



Ignition Approach

SHOW you how to do


Unlock YOUR experience


CO-DESIGN solutions




YOU learn


Embed a PLAN

Our Approach

We ignite the power of your organisational capability through our 3D lens, building bridges between Capabilities and Value Creation.


Mining internal ideas from your teams and unearth new innovative thinking. E.g. Audit strategies, aims, objectives, insights and understand the external world.


Prioritise the ideas against the most attractive outcomes and optimal value that will be created. E.g., Prioritise which are the best inputs and make them stronger.


Ignite the power of the ideas through frameworks, models and aligned outcomes. E.g. Fast starts and galvanise the teams.

Ignition Academy

Empowering new puzzle solvers.
A learning platform to train your organisation to create rapid value.

Embedding new winning value creation behaviors​


Team and Individual coaching and mentoring


Principles of managing change (big or small)

How you should use us


Squeezing more value from what you already have

Optimise the capabilities you are already paying for to enhance ROI


Executing and embedding your strategies

Half the value of a great strategy is delivering the execution

Who We Are

Our Promise: you get 100% of us on every puzzle​

Jeremy Shute


  • A strategic, task driven, no-fuss leader who loves solving difficult puzzles, learning and helping people

  • Global Leadership roles in both B2C and B2B running P&Ls from £50m up to £700m

  • Proven track-record in Fortune 50, 500 and America’s 12th largest Family-Owned business

  • Global leader of Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Innovation, Digital, Data & Analytics and Insights teams

  • Lived and worked for over 13 years in the USA, France, Sweden, Switzerland

  • Non -executive director at the Teenage Cancer Trust since 2015

  • Sports addict (especially Golf and Leeds United)


Anthony Palmer


  • A high energy strategy leader with a passion to bring together diverse teams to accelerate value creation

  • Worked for leading growth organisations in consumer products and intimately involved in setting and delivering growth strategies

  • Experience of working with European, North American and Asian regions Over 25 years working in Strategy, Marketing, General Management, Innovation and Commercial

  • Lived in France and Malaysia and speaks fluent French

  • Loves sailing, hiking, tennis and trying to learn golf!

We bring 70 years of best practice…

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